Brunch St.Kilda Style

Salmon is my favourite breakfast addition, like there is nothing I would rather have laying beside a beautifully poached egg than some smoked salmon. So when I saw the Salmon and Hollandaise option at Il Fornaio in St. Kilda on Sunday it was a pretty quick decision for me what I was to going to have for brunch that day. To my surprise, especially as I have only recently moved to Melbourne from London, the distribution of salmon that appeared on the plate before me was INSANE. Four pieces of thick cut smoked salmon?! YES please. For the same price back home I would only receive one measly piece of this delectable fish. Not only was the salmon incredible here, but the eggs were perfectly soft and the yolk oozed all over my plate, just the way I like it. The hollandaise was creamy and sharp, and the hash brown that it was served with was so much nicer than having it with bread. It was light and fluffy and didn’t leave me in the usual food coma state that I experience on a daily, or even twice daily basis. Basically, if you find yourself near this Acland Street treat.. GO.

(There are also the option of vegan eggs which blew my mind.) unspecified.jpgIMG_9175


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